Recycling works.

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re:think The Benefits

Substantial savings, better environmental footprint. Peace of mind.


Reduce fluid replacement costs by 20-70%.

Reduce fluid management costs by 70%.

Reduce fluid disposal costs by 95%.

Reduce waste and conserve natural resources.

Controlled high-quality maching fluid at all times.

Our customers Say

“Simple Life Recycling not only helped us save money and gain control of our coolant, but was instrumental in helping us overcome several obstacles which we had been struggling with for a long time.

We gained valuable dock and manufacturing floor space, improved our 6s program, added three additional recycling streams which had been going to a landfill, and eliminated hours spent each day handling chip containers. Prior to having the coolant management service, our coolant concentrations ranged from one half to double the recommended range, so the coolant was often out of spec and we were losing machine operator time.”

– Patti Carrier, Environmental Manager, New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Astro Division



“Turbocam International is a world leader in the manufacturing and development of turbomachinery, with over 100 five-axis machines producing bladed flowpath components. It has built over 100,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing space since 2004, yet needs to build again. With increasing area and personnel given to metal chips and cutting fluids,Turbocam took advantage of the services of Simple Life Recycling. As a result, they have seen a consistent annual savings in excess of $250,000. They reduced the purchase of cutting fluids by over 70% and cutting fluid disposal by over 90%.

With Simple Life Recycling focusing on cutting fluids and metal chips, Turbocam can focus on what it does best, and is continuing to grow to serve the low-emissions engine business.”

– Marian Noronha, CEO, Turbocam International


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