Separate. Reuse. Repeat.

The re:cool philosophy at a glance:

  • don't throw away what isn't expended
  • help the environment
  • save money

We recyle coolant and metal chips
Conserving our resources and protecting the environment are priorities in today's world. Usually this comes with additional cost or hassle, but, fortunately, recycling cutting fluids creates a better environmental footprint while saving substantially on machining operations. 

Even better: you can keep recycling the coolant virtually forever. And, we offer the whole coolant management process as a service, so you don't have to worry about cutting fluids ever again.

It just makes sense. Let us elaborate on that: (603) 948-1181



The proof is in the fluid

Woody Bigos, founder and CEO of re:cool started developing the cutting fluid recycling process in 2008, founded Simple Life Recycling, LLC and built the process into a complete cutting fluid management solution.

Streamline your workflow
From small shops with just a few machines to large companies with hundreds of different machine tools, all customer have been extremely satisfied with their experiences.

Working closely with the customers, procedures are refined to ensure an optimal workflow as well as meeting the customer's specific needs and cutting fluids specifications.

Make your machining process more cost-effective! 603-948-1181



We'd love to hear from you

re:cool is a division of Simple Life Recycling, LLC and located in Southern New Hampshire. Our main area of operation is Northern New England, but we are expanding our services, so please do not hesitate to contact us even if you are further away. We would love to discuss opportunities.

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