Cost advantage

Our coolant recycling process is proven efficient

The re:cool cutting fluid management program encompasses every aspect of cutting fluid monitoring, handling and recycling and is cost effective in several ways:

Recycle the cutting fluid
  • saves on buying new cutting fluid
  • saves on disposal of cutting fluid
  • increases efficiency of your machines by constantly maintaining cutting fluid
  • increases tool lifespan and reduces downtime
  • increases your product quality
  • increases your productivity

Recycling typically

  • reduces total cost of fluid management by up to 85%, and
  • reduces disposal cost by 95%.

Read the case study to assure yourself of the profitability.


Quality advantage

Constantly monitored and lab-certified

Our recycled cutting fluid is controlled chemically and biologically.

Proactive strategy

Used coolant and recycled coolant

When you use our services, our dedicated staff will consistently monitor your cutting fluid and maintain the manufacturer’s specifications to keep coolants at their peak operating condition.

Maintenance programs that are based on the condition of the fluid offer great benefits over maintenance programs that are tied to a fixed interval. Benefits include cost savings, extended tool life, and reduced downtime. This proactive approach provides your company with a major advantage over a reactive maintenance strategy.

Daily reports

We can create a daily report with the cutting fluid quality for each machine. Our record keeping makes it easy to detect problems early (like seeping machine lubricants) and keep your operations running smoothly.

Monitoring coolant concentration, pH level, tramp oil, temperature, bacteria count, water and additives ratio, liquid/solid contamination – our cutting fluid management program is the most effective way to ensure optimal performance.

Directly effects your bottom-line – almost immediately. 603-948-1181


Environment advantage

Protecting the environment is a priority.

Most spent cutting fluids will be evaporated into the air and the remnants are burned.

Recycle. Reuse.

Protect our environment
Environmental requirements continue to become more stringent and the disposal of these fluids becomes more and more expensive. Our solutions not only save you money, but also reduce our ever growing waste stream. With our services even tramp oils will be recycled as lubricants, which is better than using recycled oils as fuel.

Recycling as much as possible for reuse has the best environmental value, as it will conserve our natural resources. 


Simple Life Recycling, LLC strives to conserve important natural resources through re:cool, our metalworking fluid recycling process. However, this is only one of the ways in which we can conduct our business in an environmentally conscientious manner. SLR is committed to:

  • Prevention of pollution in all of its forms;
  • Conservation of natural resources, including energy, through source reduction, reuse and recycling wherever practical;
  • Compliance with all state, federal, and local legal requirements,and maintaining ISO 14001certification, with a goal of beyond-compliance wherever practical and possible;
  • Continual improvement of the environmental management system and environmental performance including consideration ofthe views and concerns of all SLR employees and the local community.

Good for the environment. Good for you.


Convenience advantage

Less hassle. Save money.

re:cool makes cutting fluid management most convenient for your specific operation.

Full service

Never think about cutting fluids again

We monitor the cutting fluids, which means that machine operators won’t have to and can concentrate on machining.

We remove spent cutting fluids from the machine and transport it from your facility so you do not have to store it. You do not have to pay for proper disposal and the paperwork which goes along with that process.

We will supply the recycled coolant directly to your location; you pay only for what you use and you will not have to store new cutting fluids or mix coolant to specifications.

Flexible support

Our knowledgeable recycling technicians are ready to give you on-site support regarding all recycling options, coolant issues and machine shop operations.

We provide flexible scheduling to fit the needs of your company. 

You save, we recycle and everyone wins. Call us at 603-948-1181.