Step by step implementation with no risk

Hesitant to get started? re:cool can propose a gradual implementation of the cutting fluid recycling process.

Documenting the steps 

Call us and start saving

We begin by initially implementing our process in one production cell. We provide transportation to and from our recycling facility. We process the cutting fluid in our specialized recycling facility, providing you with all data for each container delivered to your site: quantities transported, fluid recycled, tramp oil removed, solids extracted.

We have our own in-house laboratory to monitor the quality. Alternatively, Polaris Laboratories, the industry leader in lubricant testing, analysis and certification, is available to provide laboratory results of the process.

You control the pace

We want to convince you. Try us out – start small or go as big as you like. Once you experience the difference re:cool can have on your business, we are sure that you will be satisfied and expand our services throughout your company.

We have proven results using this strategy. Let us prove it to your company!


Recycle and reuse

Taking care of coolant.

The actual recycling process consists of separation of fluid and metals, cleaning and replenishing of the fluids, and quality control.

Recycling every bit

We take care of coolant
We remove solids, contaminants, bacteria and tramp oils from the cutting fluid. All tramp oils are recycled as lubricants - significantly reducing air emissions over the currently often used disposal method of burning.

The separated and cleaned metals, most commonly steel and aluminum, achieve higher resale value and will be milled into new raw material.

Let us take care of your coolant, so you can take care of your business.