Cutting Fluid Recycling

Dramatically reduce cutting fluid costs

Machining metal requires cutting fluids, which require constant maintenance. Our cutting fluid recycling process has both ecological and economical benefits.

We take care of all of your cutting fluids

Most machining requires cutting fluids
We recycle both coolant from machine sumps and coolant that is usually discarded along with the chips from machining metal. The amount of cutting fluids in these metal chips is often overlooked and can total up to 30% depending on the machining process. We recycle both water- and oil-based cutting fluids. This helps you get the most out of the cutting fluids that you already own.

Highest quality and cost effective

Constantly controlled quality
All of our recycled cutting fluids are replenished and laboratory tested to exceed manufacturer’s specifications. You can reuse your cutting fluid, which otherwise would have been disposed of as potentially hazardous waste. Our recycling process can save you up to 85% of the total cost of the conventional way of managing cutting fluids, making your machining process significantly more cost-effective.

At your service

re:cool offers cutting fluid recycling as a service within Northern New England. Our service does not require you to invest in equipment, adding personnel, operational expenses or forfeiting floor space. It streamlines your operation by keeping an eye on the all-important quality of your fluids, measuring their quality and keeping them at peak efficiency and full use.

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Metal Recycling

Making metal recycling more profitable

Metal chips from the machining process trap a certain amount of coolant. These tiny cups of metal hold fluid that adds up quickly – devaluing the metal and creating waste.

Do you know what you throw away?

Metal chips containing coolant
Currently, metal chips, swarfs or turnings are usually recycled, however, the amounts of cutting fluids held in them devalue the metal. The volume of fluid in the chips is deceiving: Depending on the metal, the machining process, and the resulting form of the chips, the amount of recyclable cutting fluid can be up to 30% of the weight.

Improve efficiency of metal recycling

Briquettes from metal chips
Through our process of separating and recycling the coolant, the efficiency of the metal recycling process is drastically improved. The recycled metal is more pure and the chips are formed into briquettes, creating a more valuable end product.

Ecological benefit

A substantial bonus to the environment is the direct benefit of withholding coolant and tramp oil from burning off in the melting process of the metal at the mill.


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Optimizing your cutting fluid management

We provide solutions to maintain a higher quality of cutting fluid and to expand the life of your tools.

Knowledge is a valuable key

Know your coolant needs
  • Do you have a record of the size of the sump and the coolant sump life for every machine tool?
  • Do you know the concentration of the cutting fluid and how often you change it?
  • Have you ever considered the cost of disposal and machine downtime as part of the coolant cost?

The answers to these questions are part of our service which can save your company substantial money over a short period of time – and avoid costly repairs to your valuable machinery.

Good enough is just not good enough

Often the machinists are not aware of improvements that can be made: Why change a procedure when it seems to “work fine as-is”? Or often machinists are too busy to monitor cutting fluids at all. At re:cool we analyze your individual situation, create a monitoring schedule and recycle as needed depending on the cutting fluid’s condition.

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